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You know your vehicle can do more – a lot more. With Daytona’s Garage™ you can get your supercharger installed at the same time as your leather options. Superchargers are among the harder-to-find services that we’re excited to bring to the Daytona Beach area. Our specialized team will expertly add power and pickup to your Jeep Wrangler or truck no matter what you’re going for. We can do simple bolt-on installations or sophisticated upgrades that require custom grinding, welding, and cutting. The sky’s the limit.

Only the best parts are used:

When it comes to superchargers, the details matter. We can get you any supercharger under the sun, but we regularly work with manufacturers who are pushing the envelope of innovation. When you visit us, you can see Superchargers from industry leaders like Ripp, ProCharger, and Magnuson. These companies not only add power, but they also do it efficiently. Their innovations are based on sound science. Our goal with superchargers is to give you optimal power with minimum drawbacks to your vehicle. These superchargers increase torque and improve performance at the same time as they control flow, temperature, and sound.

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