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Window tint offers plenty of customization options, and we’ll help you choose what’s right for your ride. Depending on how you want to use your car, we can advise you about window-film laws in Florida and beyond, and we can help you determine the perfect shade of tint for the best visual style. You can let us know your preferred brand of window tint or browse samples from the highest-quality manufacturers in the US. No matter what your goal is, our certified professional installers will achieve it flawlessly. Our in-house window-tint installations will fight against peeling film, bubbles, and debris.


We know your car is important to you, and that every customization needs to be executed perfectly. We carry a variety of shades from light to dark to match your car’s existing privacy glass or to coordinate with its colors and features. Since it’s quick and affordable, window tint can be the first upgrade you ever do on your vehicle. At any point in the life of your vehicle, window tint will add to its visual appeal.


You know what it’s like to get into a car that’s been parked outside in the summer. Even if the sweltering temperature doesn’t ruin your mood, the sweating will. You’ll be amazed at the difference custom car window tinting can make in the comfort of your vehicle. It can reduce the interior temperature by up to 30 degrees! No more burning seatbelt clasps or cheap-looking windshield covers. Better yet, car window tinting cuts down on dangerous glare that can be distracting, headache provoking, and even dangerous.


The sun’s intense UV Rays can certainly damage your car’s interior, but they can also hurt your passengers. Untreated glass blocks UVB rays, but it’s powerless against harmful UVA rays. Tinting your car windows, especially if you spend a lot of time in the car, can play a part in the year-round sun protection regimen. Custom window tint also protects your privacy and prevents would-be thieves from seeing anything worth stealing from your car.

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